WAKE 6/7/8 Speed Universal Bike Chain TG50 Carbon Steel Bicycle Chain Wear Resistance Anti Rust for Bicycle Bicycle Part

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1. High quality steel quenching and heat treatment, enhanced wear resistance, anti rust treatment, long lasting shining.

2. The double bridge type chain can improve the tensile and torsion strength of the chain, and the speed change is agile and smooth.

3. Strengthen the embedded axes, high rigidity reinforced structure, compact, flexible and not stuck withstands high pedaling force.

4. The chain waist chamfer design, ithe tooth tip and the chain quickly bite,and the stability and safety are greatly improved.

5. The chain comes with hook and loop, which can be installed quickly without tools, and it is safer to install with tools.


Item Type: Bicycle Chain

Material: Carbon Steel

Specification: 116 Sections 1/2in x 3/32in

Speed: 6 7 8 Speed Universal

Application: 6 7 8 Speed Flywheel

Hook and Loop: A Pair of Standard

Features: The Unique Design of the Inclined Bridge Makes the Speed Change Smoother, and It is Matched with the Concave Pin Shaft to Increase the Chain Fitting Force

Package List:

1 x Chain

2 x Hook and Loop Link Block

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