Torchlight Mount

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  1. The lamp holder can be easily mounted on the front frame of the bicycle. The flashlight can also be easily loaded and unloaded to convert the function between the flashlight and the light.
  2. Use LED flashlight to rotate 360 degrees horizontally. Built-in freely adjustable toothed interface for added stability.
  3. Use high quality plastic (not returned) good quality!
  4. It is very convenient to use the handle of the car through the buckle with the triangular nut.
  5. It can be used together with a flashlight of a certain diameter to realize multi-purpose and extended functions of the flashlight.


Material: high quality rubber + metal screws
Specifications: 6.5 cm (height) * 3.5 cm (width) * 3 cm (thick), suitable for mounting lights
Diameter: 2.5 cm, suitable for mounting handlebar diameter: about 2.5 cm

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