Tonyon Lock Stronger

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Bicycle Bike Cycling Security 2 Keys Lock Chain Steel 900mm Anti Thief 715

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Name: TONYON Key Lock with cloth sleeve

Weight:   1.44 kg

Length:   90 CM

Material: Steel / Cloth Cover


Directions for use:

1.Key straight groove on the lock on the heart into the keyhole, the bottom right hand again, please (cisThe hour handOpen the

2.Key is not inserted to the bottom right hand leads to idling and can not unlock (Y steel knife damage).

3.Night lock with sinistral can directly into the bottom first, and then open right; Otherwise it will lock anti-theft leaf position is not neat, which drives.

4.In strong vibration or anti-theft leaf position was disrupted, available key in the first after left-handed right-handed after repeated several times to slide to the bottom,

5.After straight flute on the key to the lock Can pull out the key.

6.This product lock can add any viscous lubricant

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