ROCKBROS Bicycle Rear Light /Tail Light /USB Charging Safety Light / Colorful Cycling Light

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Condition: Brand new

Name: Q1 Colorful Bicycle Tail Light

Model: Q1

Material: CNC aluminum alloy

Color: 7 color (can be switched at will)

Size: About 30*34*34mm

Weight: 30g (with holder)

Mode: 5 modes

Charging method: USB charging

Waterproof level: IPX 6 waterproof

Battery: 30 mAh lithium battery

Life time: 50 hours (8 to 50 hours, the use time of different modes will be different)

Installation position: two installation methods (seat tube or seat cushion)



1) Brand new Q1 color bicycle tail light, high brightness safety warning

2) With double brackets, it can be installed on the bicycle seat tube or seat cushion.

3) The fixed belt is installed, and the tail light can be installed without tools.

4) Aluminum alloy material, resistant to falling/wearing, stronger and more durable.

6) 300 mAh built-in lithium battery, battery life up to 50 hours.

7) USB rechargeable / IPX6 waterproof function

8) Optical lens + high-brightness lamp beads, effectively keep the light brighter, and the light is soft and does not irritate the eyes

9) Power display function. There are 4 indicator lights in the middle.

1 indicator light = 0-25% battery remaining

2 indicator lights = 25-50% battery remaining

3 indicator lights = 50-75% battery remaining

4 indicator lights = 75-100% battery remaining

10) Only 30g, super lightweight.


1* tail light

1* Seat cushion mounting bracket

1* Seat tube mounting bracket

2* Fixed rubber ring


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