ODI Mountain Road Bike Seat Road Bike Saddle Ultra-Light Polycarbonate Fiber Hollow Breathable Racing Seat

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- The surface is made of PU microfiber leather, and the bottom shell is frosted to ensure that the cushion is durable and beautiful, as well as riding comfort.

- The use of hollow one-piece molding enhances the beautiful appearance of the cushion without peeling off the skin.The bottom is inlaid and reinforced, which is more durable.

- The seat cushion is ergonomically designed, hollow and breathable, and the wide tail ensures comfort and does not affect the force. It solves the unspeakable pain of men's long-distance riding and does not clamp

- Cushion bearing weight range: Max. 110kg

- Size: Length and width: 251x155MM

ODI Reflective Hollow Saddle


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