ODI Pro V2.1 Lock on Grips for MTB Mountain Bike Grips Handlebar Mountain Bike Grips Alluminium Alloy+Silica Gel ODI Grips

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Product Name: Silicone Aluminum Alloy Locking Grip
Weight: about 104 with elevator
Material: durable silicone + hard plastic lining + ultra-light aluminum alloy lock ring
Length: about 130mm
Caliber: for 22.2 handlebar diameter (suitable for most bicycles on the market)
1. The ergonomic design is adopted to support the entire palm. It protects for long-term riding, and the personality and beautiful lines increase the fit between the palms to prevent slippage and make it easier to exert force.
2. The cover body is made of soft composite rubber, which is easier to clean after being dirty for off-road use, has no smell and does not change color, is not easy to deform, and feels comfortable and wear-resistant
3.One-piece locking handle ring, single-sided locking, firm and not easy to fall, and the end of the handle is equipped with a locking ring limit step to make it more firm
4.Lightweight design, the cover is added with PC dustproof and waterproof handle for about 104g, and the cover is lined with a hollow design, which reduces all the vibrations caused by off-road riding and brings a great riding feeling

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