Nedong Solid Hole Tyre 8.5 Inch / 8 Inch

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8 Inches Scooter Solid Hole Tire 200*50 Non-Pneumatic Tyre Shock Absorber Porous Damping Tyre for 8" Electric Scooter Skateboard

  • Model: cellular hole tire 8x50
  • Rim groove width: 27mm
  • Rim Diameter: 120mm
  • Construction: Hollow Tire-Damping construction of cellular hole , low rolling resistance, high performance elasticity, light weight, exclusive venting hole to dissipate the heat and resist ageing.
  • Comfortability: Reasonable physical construction, high elastic speed rate and performance
  • Weather resistance: With saturation material, the tire is anti-ozone, defend acid rain and ultraviolet, it will not crack within five years.
  • Usability: Can be riden at anytime; will not be punctured.
  • Suitable for Reaihub Mini 3/4 and Speedway


8.5inch Nedong Solid Tyre


Price not including installation cost
**Installation only available in store**

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