MEILAN M4 Blade wireless bike computer

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Accurate Measurement For Indoor and Outdoor Cycling There are still a great many riders in a need for bluetooths device,which is much more accurate, much longer working

time and highly visible. We create this Blade model with super slim body and more for users!


wireless bike computer

2.RPM Bluetooth SPD/CAD 2-in-1 Sensor Included.

Meilan Blade is with Speed/Cadence Sensor included already; So our users don't need to buy one sensor again; at same

time, Meilan SPD/CAD 2-in-1 Bluetooth Sensor can be paired with other BLE band devices as well. One more thing is you do

need to pay attention on the installment of Sensor on the back fork and magnets on the rim. We have special tutorial on this

in our user manual.

3.Simple to Connect via Meilan Companion APP.

Pair with Bluetooth SPD/CAD 2-in-1 sensor via

Meilan companion APP.

Pair with Power Meter,Meilan HRM etc via Meilan

APP as well. App can help all thus avoid the

troublesome operation by the head unit.

4. It supports Dual-Bike Mode.

5. Premium Industrial Design.

IML Front Mirror;Super Slim Body;Light Weight etc.

2.5 inch Anti-Glare Big LCD Display.

Super Long Withholding Time up to 120 Hours.

1.Simple Indoor Training Preference Record,Upload and Review on APP

After you finish one time adventure and save your cycling data,you can connect it to Meilan APP and upload all your data to

APP for quick review on analysis of Data. Please note that this is not GPS Bike Computer,there will be no track of your cycling routein APP but only data

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