MEILAN Bike Computer M2 OVAL

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Singapore Local Set for 1 year Warranty Warranty by Meilan Singapore Distributor: WAREHOUSESG PTE LTD

Individualistic;Unique and Unusual All the time,we want to make one bike computer specially for the young riders,full of nonconformity in this world.

this beautiful design. IML Front panel,Rounded Display,Arc Body etc.all are part of its clear individualism.


2. IML, Rounded Display and Arc.

We develpe one speical rounded disply for this

model; the front panel is with special IML

Craftman technology,which make it kind of

bumpy look.At same time,mellow side of the arc

has a good touch, let people can not put it away.

3. Full of datas up to 18 types.

It is with Speed, Cadence, Power Meter,

Heart Rate,track of route, You can set it with two dierent bike parameters.


Accumulative rise,Ascend,Descend,etc..

4. It supports Dual-Bike Mode.

1. Record,Share,Sync and Explore (.fit file).

After you finish one time adventure and save your cycling data,you can connect it to Meialn APP and

upload all your datas to APP. Just enjoyIn the meantime, Meilan APP can support to sync your cycling

histroy toSTRAVA,TRAININGPEAKS AND KOMOOT Platforms. Of courese,you can share you course to

Facebook, Twitter etc any social medias by our APP or other three.

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