Hydraulic Brake Oil Dot5.1

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Two types of Hydraulic Brake Oil Dot 5.1 available:

1) Cylion Dot5.1 Brake Fluid for Bicycle 50ml
usage on: Avid, Formula, Hayes and Hope

2) Dot5.1 for Formula hayes SRAM AVID 60ml

✔ Use the six corners to unscrew the screws and take the block into the folder.
✔ Use a syringe to inhale the DOT synthetic brake fluid of about 15-20ML (note: first evacuate the air inside the syringe head after inhalation, otherwise there will be air entering the brake system).
✔ Unscrew the oil drain screw on the clamp and screw the syringe with the DOT synthetic brake fluid onto the oil drain screw.
✔ First unscrew the injection screw on the brake handle and screw the empty ejector into it.
✔ Pushing the syringe at the clip pushes the oil up the tubing to the syringe at the brake handle until about a quarter of the oil is injected at the brake handle.

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