Dual Crown Air/Coil Suspension Fork Bike parts 12inch

Sale price * $228.00


✔️ Dual crown Coil suspension fork 12 inch 

✔️ Dual Crown AIR Suspension Fork minimum Air Pressure is 130 PSI

✔️ Air suspension fork 12inch only available

✔️ Black/Gold Air Suspension 12 inch

✔️ Dropout : 135mm **44mm threadless headsets required (not included)

✔️ Can use for MTB bike and 12inch size is for Fiido Q1 and Q1S

✔️ Coil spring and air suspension two model in the market, Oil Sping is Fixed Suspension whereas Air Suspension can adjust height  

✔️ We are selling air suspension model too

✔️ Weight: About 3kg+

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