Carbonrevo Stem Adapter with Carbon Fibre Steering Rod for DYU, Fiido, AM

Sale price * $185.00


Carbonrevo DYU Fiido AM Stem Adaptor with Carbon Rod


Direct Replacement for folding stem for DYU, Fiido, AM / Tempo and other folding bikes.

This upgrade does not support folding function.


Weight Savings from 230g onwards.

The length of the carbon rod for DYU / AM/ Tempo is different from Fiido.

No Drilling Required.

You will just need to reuse the screw and the flower bolt.


Kindly note you will need an extra adaptor in order to fit for those originally without folding functions. High Grade Carbon Tube is TUV tested. It will crack on direct impact for a 120kg (Rider + Scooter) on a stationary wall at 97/km per hour. And of course, we do not encourage you to speed up to test our claims.

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