MAXIMALSG Ebike PAB 16 inch X16 48V Flexible LG cell

Sale price * $1,579.00


Main Features:

🔋 Flexible LG48V 14.4AH.

⭐ 48V 250W gear motor.

⭐ Advanced suspension.

⭐ Foldable, friendly to MRT and bus, with optional standing lock.

💪 Wide CST heavy duty ebike tyre, 16″x2.5.

💪 Steady welded rear rack, never collapsed!

💪 Full ebike features, ready-to-work.

🏆 Meaningful 3-mode design, mode 1 can go up to 24km/hr.

🏆 High power effeciency.

🏆 Can run at 23km/hr even battery is at 43V.


Product Details


LTA new approval

Model Name: X16

Model No.: PAB-16-02

Color: Zinnia Yellow / Ocean Green (Please send note to us when you order with your battery configuration. Only top-up the price difference if you need bigger battery)

⭐Pre-order promotion is from S$1499 after discount!


Delivery date is about be about 22 Aug 2023.

🔋Flexible Battery, 48V 9.6AH or 14.4AH detachable battery. We use top brand battery cell from LG. Both ebikes are approved with flexible battery, so that allow you to configure your 48V battery according to your usage,

9.6AH (18.8kg).

14.4AH (19.8kg).

19.2AH (2 batteries).

24AH (2 batteries).

28.8AH (2 batteries).

🚲  Tyre, we use CST heavy duty ebike tyre, rear is 16″x2.5 very stable and durable.

🚲  Light weight. Only 18.8kg if use 48V 9.6AH battery.

🚲  Suspension, Equipped with high end suspension.

🚲  Ready-to-work, no hidden cost to add such as mud-guard, rear light, horn, etc. in order to start your job.

🚲  Range, 101km or 67km at speed 21km/hr.

🚲  Speed, top speed can really go to 25km/hr.

🚲 Full speed in low voltage, even drop to 43V, can still go up to 25km/hr.

🚲  Foldable, can be carried to MRT, bus and fit in normal car boot easily.

🚲  No jerking, very important, safety concern, very smooth acceleration.

🚲  Injury-prevented structure design, with 170 Crank arm and optimized overall structure design, allows you to seat straight, pedal using your leg, not knee, to avoid long-term occupational disease / injuries, problems mainly on your knee, waist, spine, shoulder and neck.

🚲  Rack, steadily welded rear rack, with features to mount Foldable Delivery Rack (additional).

🚲  Light and horn, instant light and horn, save time and simplify your mind, safer on the road.

🚲 Meaningful 3 Modes, not 5 modes to save clicking time, to simplify your mind, as need to focus on the road.

🚲 Sport Rim.

🚲 Very useful extendable features, dual stand and water bottle holder.

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