TIERA M5X20 Stem Screw with Washer Allen Hex Key Socket Cap Head (6pcs per box)

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Specification: M5x20
Tool: 4mm Hexagon Wrench
Torque: 5-6N. M
Quantity: 6pcs / box
Unit Weight: 2.4g
Unit: mm

1.Strictly Select TC4 Titanium Rod Control from the source of materials, with good quality: TC4 (GR5) titanium material is used as raw material for TIER titanium series products. This product has always refused to be remelted or used with poor quality materials without guaranteed quality. All batches of raw materials must undergo flaw detection, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling product quality from the source. Thread pitch, is close and meticulous: automatic thread rolling machine processing screws. Because the thread is fine and strong, it is very stable in the fastening process, and also enhances the overall finish, making it look colorful!

2.PVD Coating Coloring The workmanship is very meticulous, and the coloring is very beautiful: the surface of TIERA titanium alloy screw adopts PVD (physical properties. It can form a layer of coating on the screw surface, including TiN, TIALCN and other compounds, so as to strengthen the surface hardness, not only can make the screw appearance beautiful. The head is twice polished: for every detail, we will carry out meticulous grinding.

3. Forging Technology This tool is made by punch (hot punch) and forging technologies. The density of the screw head is greater than that of normal cold punch, with higher strength. All plunger chips have TIERA laser laser engraved LOGO, and the number of use times of each punch is compulsorily limited to 300, which greatly improves the strength and accuracy of the tool. If the LOGO is clearly visible, it can be judged that the screw is of qualified quality. (traditional cold punch, and smooth-surface )

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