SPIRIT BEAST Modified Scooter Side Stand

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Product name: Spirit beast side foot stand
Material: T6 aluminum alloy + screw 304 stainless steel
Product color: red black/black silver/burnt blue

Many of the electric scooters come with a dedicated side stand, but some do not. In case if your scooter doesn’t have a built-in side stand or if you are looking for a stronger and more robust side stand option for your two-wheeler, you’ll absolutely love this one.

The Spirit Beast Side Stand that comes in three different colours is designed to offer robust and stable support to your electric scooter. The device features a sporty look that is as stylish as it is powerful. It is made of T6063 aluminum-alloy metal and uses 304 stainless steel screws that further add to the device strength. In normal conditions, the stand can take up to 500 kilograms (~1100 lbs) of pressure, including the weight of the two-wheeler plus that of the rider/s. It has adjustable, six-position height, with each gear can be increased by 10 mm (a total of 60 mm adjustable height, low and high).

The Spirit Beast Side Stand is compatible with all kinds of two-wheelers, including scooters and electric vehicles, with a weight, not more than 500 kg. The product comes in standard size (186mm – 207mm), with a 76mm adjustable rocker arm made of aluminum alloy. The footpad is 49mm wide and made in the cut oblique-slip design to avoid slipping and provide maximum support.

The Recommended height for installation is 165-235 mm.

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