ODI Bicycle Grips MTB Silica Gel Handlebar Grip Bicycle Silicon Handle Bar Grips Non-slip Cycling Parts

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Fashionable and Authentic guarantee

Material : Aluminium Alloy-Locking ring

Main Part : Foam rubber

Characteristics : The hardness suitable for riding punches and steering control !

Installation Method : Wet Hands with water is easy to install and after drying automatic fastening sets before they can use on bicycles

Performance : This super soft sponge grip is from high density elastic set disposable foam sponge.

Inner Layer is made of plastic material , isolated sponge handlebar can prevents adhesion between sponge handlebar.

SpongeBob light weight sets, shock absorption skid, abrasive ,soft to the touch ,can effectively reduce hand fatigue during ride strong funciton to absorb sweat in summer hands not easily slipped to effectively ensure safety ride , is more suitable for winter .

Its is better than regular rubber hard cold winter !

Locking Foam + High performance.

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