Metal Delivery Rack for PMD, Bicycles, Delivery Riders Bag

Sale price * $35.00


In Stock!!!

Customised Delivery Rack

Size 50cm x 40cm


Food Panda bag ✓

Grab Food bag ✓

Deliveroo bag ✓

Strong and Easy to install!

Make your delivery work easier and safer!

✍PM us if you have any questions.

🔎Where to find us?

🗺️ 21 Woodlands close #01-15 Primz Bizhub S737854


☎️ 98337339(woodlands)

🕙Office Hours: Weekdays 12-8pm, Saturdays 12-6pm, Sunday & PH OFF

💁Who are we? WAREHOUSE SG is a sub-organization' founded by our main company REAIHUB in 2014. We specialize in electronic scooters, including servicing and maintaining them. We allow trade-in here. We strive to provide the best in all aspects.

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