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Transform from Wired to Wireless


gps bike computer

2. 9 Types History Data Review; no need


You can review your speed/distance/ODO/Altitude etc 9data  of cycling. If

you stop biking up to 10 min, it will close

automatically . As one mini size gps

computer, it is no need to pair with APP. It is

so easy to review in the display itself.

3.Fast to Connect via GPS

For outdoor use, you can search gps

signal by the speed of the light on the

left above; when you hear the voice of

 one time, it is connected! You can

ride.It connects very fast!

4. Speed Measurement Application

Not only for your biking; it is also for Racing

Cycle,RC cars,Canoeing,Drones

etc.outdoor fitness sport.

1.Replacement for all the Old Wired

Bike Computer

Always it is complex with old wired

computer in daily use. Mini GPS is just for

this use. It is time to replace your bike

computer. What's more,it is similar price

around it!

to old wired ones still.All entry riders can.

When we take a leisure walk on Europe road, we detect that most riders still install

traditional cabled bike computer on their bikes. Why not remove the long cables? Why not

GPS to replace the old wired bike computer. It is GPS wireless technology; you install it on

your bike, Then GO! It is so easy!

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