MEILAN Cute Eye Smart Bike Tail Light Turn Signals Automatic Brake Light Ground Warning Line Bluetooth BLE4.0 Wireles

Sale price * $65.00


1. Equipped with Bluetooth BLE 4.0 Smarter Connectivity.

The remote controller and taillight is wireless connected, sensitive and

reliable enough; thus taillight can be conveniently controlled : turning left,

turning right, reminding the pedestrians and vehicles behind,

and providing safety guarantee for night riding. It is in high flash when you

stop biking suddenly.

2. Auto Brake .

3. Highlight Laser Safety Light .

You can press the front laser light function to is very useful for the

night riding.

Smaller, Smarter, Sharper,Stronger.

4. Optional Function:

Navigation with Finder Bike

Computer or Meilan APP.

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