Magura MT Trail SL Brake Caliper Set (4+4 , 4+2)

Sale price * $660.00


MT Trail SL – The best of both worlds

MT Trail SL – This is MAGURA’s definition of the best possible braking performance.

4 front pistons for maximum brake power and

2 rear pistons for perfect modulation

make the MT Trail SL suitable for any riding style and any terrain.


The MT Trail SL gives you the best of two worlds, because with a weight of only 230 g per brake (average value).

It not only boasts incredible calibration, its unique trail combination also offers brutal braking power and precise modulation.


The chrome finish makes this brake a real eye-catcher.

The ergonomically-optimised 1-finger HC carbon lever blade saves weight and is even more rigid than its aluminium counterparts.

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