GORIDE Trifold Bicycle

Sale price * $499.00


Specs highlights:

✅ 6 Speed: 3 Internal Sturmey Archer , 2 External Gears

✅ Easily foldable to a compact size (65x64x32 cm).

✅ After folding, able to push on its built-in 4 wheels.

✅ Easy to carry on public transport (Bus, MRT, Taxi) / car boot

✅ Light Weight: 13 kg

More Specifications:

✅ Frame: Chromoly Steel

✅ Wheel: 16" Spokes Rim

✅ Hub: Sturmey Archer

✅ Tyres: 16" Innova/CST/Kenda Tyres

✅ Crankset: 48T CNC Alloy

✅ Chainring: 48T CNC Alloy

✅ Handlebar: M Bar

✅ Rear Derailleur: 2 X 3 Sturmey Archer

✅ Shifters: 2 X 3 Shifter

✅ Fork: 16" Rigid Fork

✅ Brake: Rim/V-Brake

✅ Chain: Taiwan KMC Chain

✅ Cable/Hose: High Quality Cable/Hose

✅ Dimension: 148cm (L) x 96cm (H) x 54cm (W)

✅ Folded Dimension: 60cm (L) x 63cm (H) x 32cm (W)

✅ Packing Box: 65cm (L) x 64cm (H) x 32cm (W)

✅ Weight: ~13.1KG

✅ Max Load: 110KG

🚨Light and compact, your bike can be brought just about anywhere!

🚨Bag it up and bring it along like luggage on public transport.

🚨Roll it under the table in small restaurants.

🚨It can even be stored under the bed!

The S-type handlebar provides a very responsive ride, allowing you to assume an aggressive riding position. This is especially suitable for people who want to reach high speeds since it is lighter and has less wind resistance.

Riding tip: When using the right-hand shifter, stop pedaling for a moment. This helps you to shift smoothly between gears, preventing potential damage to your gears. Conversely, when using the left-hand shifter, you must continue pedaling to allow the chain to move to a different gear.

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