TENYU TECH Fireball Automatic Fire Extinguisher Ball with Wall Mount Bracket

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Diameter: 152mm
Extinguishing Range:≈ 3m³
Alarm loudnes: ≈ 120dB
Activation time: ≈ 2s
Active ingredients:Environmental harmeless Dry Powder(NH4H2PO4)

Diameter: 152mm
Extinguishing Range:≈ 2.5m³
Alarm loudnes: ≈ 120dB
Activation time: 3-5 seconds
Active ingredients:Environmental harmeless Dry Powder(NH4H2PO4)

Powder extinguishing ball should be stored at room temperature, dry environment
Do not deliberately throwing, ignition automatic fire extinguisher.
Do not expose the fire extinguisher to water sources to prevent damage to the fire extinguishing mechanism.
Forbidden to damage, demolition.

Six advantages:
1、Lightweight portable: only 1.35Kg, all people can freely use.
2、Simple: simply thrown into the fire ball fire place or installed in fire-prone position, caught fire extinguishing can be carried out.
3、Responsive: as long as the contact flame 2-3 seconds, will be able to trigger a fire extinguishing mechanism, effective fire.
4、Alarm function: as long as the placement of the fire extinguishing ball in fire-prone areas. When the fire occurs, it will be able to produce and issue the alarm with about 120 decibels.
5、Safe and effective: no longer need to close to the fire scene, the environment completely harmless; completely harmless to the human body.
6、Warranty Validity: five years, and does not require any routine maintenance.

Available size: 0.5kg, 1.3kg, 4kg
Price: $29, $39, $69

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