2 IN 1 LED aluminium Switch

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It’s suitable for Motorcycle, Motorbike, ATV, Sport Dirt, Electric Bike which with 22mm diameter handlebar.


  • 2 control buttons in 1 switch 2 color choice for led indicator light
  • 2 different button: Self-return button AND Manual-return button Four Choice:
    1. NO.1> Red LED Indicator, Self-return button
    2. NO.2> Red LED Indicator, Manual-return button
    3. NO.3> Blue LED Indicator, Self-return button
    4. NO.4> Blue LED Indicator, Manual-return button Colorful indicator light, get a new visual experience;
      • Waterproof design, suitable for rainy days;
      • Manual-return button, can be used for general lights, hazard light, fog light, head light and power outlet for mobile devices;
      • Self-return button, can be used as horn, engine power, start kill switches.
      • Available in White Light, Red Light, Blue Light.

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