10 Inch Hole Solid Tyre w Hole

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The characteristics of non-aerate hollow tyre are as follows: pierce prevention, non-aerate, high strength, light and durable, moderate elasticity and no need to repair. Its texture is rubber material.

And it has mutually unintelligible but compact tiny air pore. The inside texture is high strength and long-range elasticity.This kind of hollow tyre has unique characteristic. On the one hand, it has three-dimensional network structure and perpetual recoverability and enables the tyre to recover in original shape after pressing and stretching. 

On the other hand, it use numerous mutually connect and independent micropore which guarantee the flexibility and buffer capacity of it so the tyre could bear any pressure change. In any time it would stay firm and tough just like the traditional tyre in fully aerated condition. And its user experience is the same as riding on traditional tyre.

  • Solid tire for Speedway 3 / Reaihub R3 / Futecher / most 10-inches scooters.
  • High Level Rubber material, abrasion resistant and anti-slip, high-quality and durable.
  • Anti-skidding deep pattern makes it can be used in snowy and rainy days, safe to play the scooter
  • Easy to use and replace, adjusted flexibly and fixed tightly


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