Used Ebike Maximalsg Cheetah 36v 10.4ah

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MaximalSG Cheetah electric bicycle is one of the first e-bikes in Singapore’s market with a rear LED braking light that also functions as a left & right indicator.
Unique features

The Cheetah ebike comes with a 6 speed Shimano derailleur that is not commonly found on many ebikes. This gives the MaximalSG Cheetah electric bike an added advantage and convenience when chosen to ride without the power assistance. The e-bike is also foldable which makes it convenient when transferring between different transportation modes.

The frame of the Cheetah ebike is made from higly durable aluminium which contributes to its lightweight.

The Cheetah electric bicycle is equipped with rear and front lights. The braking light and indicators also adds to the overall safety of the ebike. It also has an integrated horn.

Running on a 36V 10.5Ah detachable battery that enabled the bicycle to travel up to 75km on one full charge.

The MaximalSG Cheetah electric bicycle runs on a 36V 250W Brushless Geared Motor

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