Trifold Foldable Brompton Design Golden Aluminium Bike

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[Most Popular] Golden brand Foldable bike similar to Brompton model design with light material Aluminium Frame.

Comes with 3 speed using Sturmey Archer gear hub, compact size, Trifold design as per Brompton design model. Fabricate with Aluminium frame light material.

Golden Foldable Bike are designed to fold into a box-like dimension and can be easily pushed around like a trolley. Effortlessly folding into a compact size, Golde bikes can easily be carried onto all forms of public transport, in the boot of a car, and can be stowed away under your office desk or a table in a bar.


- Wheels: 16 inch

- Weight: 12kg

- Gear: 3 speed mode

- Sturmey Archer Gear Hub

- Mudguard type: Version L

- Frame material: Aluminium

- Trifold design

- V brake

- Handle type: M type

- Folding: 3 steps folding (same as Brompton)

- Handle: Height is adjustable

- Seat pole: Extended

- Folding dimension: 565mm (H), 585mm (W), 270mm (D)

- Color: Red, Blue, Black

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