Selle Royal Memory Foam (60 Degree)

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Brand: Selle Royal cushioned seat

This seat is suitable for those people who want to have a comfortable ride but yet do not want add extra weight to the bike. Suitable attachment for the Inokim Seat and the DYU saddle.

Suitable for Dyu/Tempo/Bicycle


  1. Memory Foam: This saddle consists of memory foam, the thickness reaches the sponge 4.5 cm (only for leisure type), it is really quite gentle. The pillow is designed as a cellular structure, while driving in the winter you can feel more warmer, but during summer you can feel relatively cool.
  2. Breathable: The holes in the pillow reduces not only the pressure on sensitive parts of the body, but also leave you breathing actively while driving. And there are many small holes on the surface of the pillow, it does not stick your cramps together with the pillow.
  3. Reduce Vibration 

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