Reverse Enduro Stem

Reverse Enduro Stem

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Reverse Stem 

This stem was tested in the toughest fatigue lab test available. Even after hundreds of thousands of load changes in the lab, this stem could not be brought to its limits. In order to take even more load away from the handlebar, we have developed the “Stress Reduction Clamping” (SRC) technology. The most stressed areas are at the transition between stem and handlebar. Especially at the lower gap from the clamping area where there are large loads.

The SRC-Technology prevents the normally shown notch effect in this area of concentrated stress because the gap that creates a sharp edge that could crush or indent a handlebar. The gap only exists at the upper clamping area which is essential for the clamping effect.
This technology allowed us to create a nearly 360° clamped handlebar with an optimized load transmission and reduced notch effect. Even in the laboratory tests this benefit is clearly demonstrated. Especially for carbon bars we recommend this.

With its "length" of 35 mm the Black One stem is the perfect choice for modern frames with their long top tubes / reach.  Even with a clamping diameter of Ø 35.0 mm, the Black One Enduro is with just 130 g still the lightest stem on the market in its class!

Length: 50mm

Clamp Diameter: Ø 31,8mm

Angle: 8°

Steer Tube: 1,1/8"

Weight: 137g (+/- 5% production tolerance)

Material: Aluminum 6061 T6

Suitable for Scooter/ Bicycle

Colour: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Grey, Yellow, Pink

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