RACEWORK Self-Locking SPD Pedal MTB Bike Pedals Mountain Bicycle Clipless DU Bearing

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RACEWORK X-M8100 Ultra-light Pedals Bike Self-Locking SPD Pedals DU Bearing MTB Bike Pedals Die Casting Carbon Fiber Pedal


Pedal shaft material: chrome steel

The main body material of the pedal: 30% carbon, 70% injection molding process

Footprint material: chrome steel

Floor area: 515 mm²

Bearing: Sealed industrial bearing

Degree of freedom of movement: +/- 6°

Trigger hardness: 6-14 Nm continuously adjustable

Release angle: not specified

Q factor: can be adjusted by pedal. 2mm

Compatibility: Shiman SPD sole standard


Weight (manufacturer information): 348g (pedal only), 444g (including coves)

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