Potty Training Seat Non-Slip Foldable with Ladder (4 Colours Available)

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Children's Toilet Seat Adjustable Toddler Toilet Potty Chair with Sturdy Non-Slip Step Stool and Easy to Assemble Toilet Seat for Boys and Girls Potty Seat

Baby toilet seat with ladder!
Teach your child to go to the toilet independently without help by getting this toilet seat!

- Suitable for ages 2 to 6 years old
- Lightweight and portable at only 2.1kg
- Perfect for potty training
- Handrail that fits the curvature of your baby's fingers
- Contoured to hold child securely in place, non skid edge ensures that seat doesn't move
- Raised front protrusions to prevent urine splashing
- The toilet seat cushion is made of PU material, which is softer and more durable than PVC cushion. The potty seat is made of non-toxic and odorless PP material.
- Space saving foldable ladder
- Adjustable and non slip pedal
- Adjustable height for floors with different curvatures


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