NEW MOTOR Zebra Ebike

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Used Zebra Ebike at $650
Brand new MOTOR

At the time of writing, I have already tested numerous ebikes and no ebike has beaten the Zebra’s LCD Display as it has 2 essential features: calculating the total distance travelled since you’ve purchased it and displaying voltmeter readings – battery % left. For example, it is able to show 31.0V which means the there is no battery left and 42.0V at full charge. Voltmeter readings are the most accurate way of knowing how much battery you have left with your ebike, as compared to battery bars.

The Zebra Ebike uses 24” tyres, front & back V brakes, and a 36V 250W motor with 10Ah detachable battery. It also comes with a rear rack, LCD display with speedometer and 5 gear pedal assists. On 1 full charge, it could perform approximately 12-13 trips for food delivery using gear 5. I have heard of riders that have used gear 3 from full charge and completed up to 17 trips!

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