Mysenlan Bicycle Chain Wet Lubricant

Mysenlan Bicycle Chain Wet Lubricant

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Apply on bicycle chain for rust protection, withstand higher extreme pressures, and increases the time between lube applications.

Description: The industry's new packing bicycle lubricant has gotten even better! Chain Lube has recently received an upgrade to its packing, which will make bicyclists more convenient for bicycle caring, especially on their long distance ridings. It is a specialized lubricant used in high-end bicycle chains, transmission gears and other drivetrain components. And it offers better rust protection, withstands higher extreme pressures, and increases the time between lube applications.

Features: capacity : 60ml

Material : bike Chain Lube Chain Lube For Bicycle Drive Systems

Where to use: Lube your Chain: Get maximum penetration into each chain link by lubing the chain at the smallest rear cog. It is best to use a bicycle stand to fix the bike in place so that you can use one hand to hold the mini lube and the other hand to back-pedal the chain. Lube your Derailleur: With the derailleur in the lowest position(with the chain running over the smallest rear cog), pushing the derailleur through its full range of motion while dripping lube onto the pivot points and internal springs. This can maximize lube distribution and penetration. Lube your Brake Arms: Make sure the brake arms are in their full range of motion while applying lube to the pivots. This maximizes lube penetration at the pivots and makes brakes work more effectively. The new mini Chain Lube has a simple packing and consistency! Its transparent white appearance lets you visually see where it is, and where it is not. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link has a good complete maintenance, so thanks to the new packing and consistency, you can be sure that every link is properly lubed and protected whenever it needs, even on your long distance riding! This lube goes on wet and and stays wet on the chain. It builds its coating on the frictional surfaces of a drive train; cyclists will feel the smoothness and appreciate the added quietness. It is a product developed by professionals through intensive research and produced under precise and technologically advanced manufacturing processes. It has been tested by thousands of experienced riders under various road conditions. It enhances overall mechanical performance of the drive system with improved protection against rust, dust and heat even under heavy loads. Using the patented gear-to-chain lube application device is cleaner, waste-free and eco-friendly. Wet Lube Grease Oil Lubricant Cleaning .

Directions of use: Apply one drop of this LUBE to each chain link (with aerosol apply generously) while slowly rotating the chain.

Forewarn: The product is easy to be volatile, must tighten the cap after use, pinion press down tight. It is best to Oiling whenever the case of low temperatures in the morning or at night.

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