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Monster Rim Sticker

Monster Rim Sticker

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All Colors Available

16 Stripes in 1 pack

Monster 10" Reflective Car Motorcycle Rim Stripe Wheel Tape Stickers Increase your nighttime safety and visibility with our full line of reflective stickers.

Professional refective stickers for extra safety Make your night riding safer Designed to last in all weather condition.

Customize your frame, rims, helmet, and accessories. Cut from the same engineering-grade reflective film used on emergency vehicles

Installation: Clean the surface before pasting it.

Features: 10" Wheel Rim motorcycle/ car rim strie wheel This means, your stripes won't RIP, Crack, or peel for any reason The decal is for pin strips to make your car hace a nice look and more attractive Please clean your wheels before using the rims tape Waterproof, smooth surface, especially at night when the lights under the influence, more prominent the color characteristics, preferred car decoration products Waterproof, adhesive strength, reflective effect is good, inexpensive, a small set of front and rear wheel hub can be plastered on both sides, although four of the models as well.

Suitable models: car / motorcycle / mountain bike / electric car / bike etc.

Quantity : 16 Stripes in 1 pack Installation: Easy to stick on any CLEAN RIMS