Mobot Dynamic (Battery Spoilt)

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USED Mobot Dynamic (Battery Spoilt)

Ownership transfer can be done.


- Full-time Delivery Riders

- Part-time Delivery Riders

- Leisure Riders

- Adventure Riders

- 16″ wheels Front & Back

- Front disc/v caliper brake & Back disc brakes

- Detachable 8 li-ion battery

Motor: 250W 36V Brushless Motor

Battery: 36V 8AH detachable

Range: Up to 50km

Weight: 17.5kg

Wheels: 16″ Pneumatic Rims

Foldable: Stem and body foldable(Fits into car boot, buses and MRT)

* 3-speed assistance

* Foldable Frame

* Approved for MRT/BUS when folded

* Memory foam seat

* Built-in suspension

* 16″ tyres with sports rim

* LCD speed and battery display

* Front LED lights & Rear light

LTA Advisory For Singapore E-bike riding:

- Must be registered with LTA

- Maximum weight at 20kg

- Maximum motor-assistance speed of 25km/h

- Wearing of helmet on road-usage

- Allowed on roads, cycling path and park connectors!

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