Legion Light Weight Disc Brake Rotors 180mm/ 203mm

Sale price * $29.00


Discus Legion Light Weight Disc Brake Rotors 180mm 203mm for MTB/E-Scooter/E-bike


Brand: Legion

Available rotor size: 180mm, 203mm

Weight: 106g (180mm),

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Available Colour: Red, Black


The Legion Discus braking rings have been designed specifically to address some of the issues associated with light weight disks, namely “pulsating” and poor lateral stiffness, and by solving these issues make them ideal for both MTB and the emerging road disk brake market.


One major issue with light-weight disks, with heavy cutouts on the braking-ring is called “pulsating” vibrations that get transmitted from the brake pads through the forks and even back to the brake lever, although not a major issue these can be annoying even on MTB but on a road set-up is totally unacceptable. This latest’s generation of braking ring eliminates this issue.


Another issue of the light-weight rotor is reduced lateral stiffness, which can lead to impaired braking due to energy being absorbed and in worse cases result in warped disks after moderate heat and braking loads. The spider pattern of the discus delivers the stiffness of a much heavier rotor but at the fraction of the weight


Package includes:

- x1 Braking Rotor

- x6 T25 Bolts


Selling price:

180mm - $29

203mm - $35


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