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Dualtron 2 Limited (NOT FOR SALE IN SINGAPORE)
Dualtron 2 Limited (NOT FOR SALE IN SINGAPORE)
Dualtron 2 Limited (NOT FOR SALE IN SINGAPORE)
Dualtron 2 Limited (NOT FOR SALE IN SINGAPORE)

Dualtron 2 Limited (NOT FOR SALE IN SINGAPORE)

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Dualtron 2 is the first electric scooter applies 60V power system which is different with Dualtron 1 and Speedway IV 52V. Therefore, more powerful motors can be used. The peak power of dual motors can get 3600W, so it can easily climb most of gradient you encounter.

Meanwhile, the battery capacity is upgraded to LG 1658Wh in Dualtron 2 Limited version. With large capacity battery, you can enjoy more than 65 miles each charge.

Because of Dualtron power and speed, it is aimed for adult electric scooter. Limited version has the longest deck which has the most comfortable experience during ride. And its maintenance is becoming easier, because minimotors design new structure for wheels.

Dualtron 2S is the cost-effective version of Dualtron 2. It keeps 60V power system but only has rear motor, and the battery is 1080wh which also can cover 55 miles as single motor consumes less power.

BATTERY MX: 1077WH  EX:1202WH  EX+:1450WH  LTD:1657WH


Powerful Torque from 60V New Power System

Taking the 52V Max 2,700W of Dualtron 2016 model a notch higher, the 2017 Dualtron II bumps up the power with a whooping 60V Max 3,600W BLDC Dual Hub motor with a new power train system for improved torque and speed, resulting in higher acceleration and gradability.

High Capacity and Performance Li-Ion Battery

With four battery type selections (MX, EX, EX+, LTD) to choose from, the Dualtron II caters towards different user needs. The Dualtron EX+ model with a 1,450Wh battery gives you a mileage of about 110km at ECO mode while Dualtron II Limited edition (LTD), with a 1,657Wh battery, gives you a mileage up to 120km at ECO mode. Note: Mileage can be affected by laden weight, wind resistance and direction, road surface conditions, slopes, tire pressure and other variables.

Multi Charging and Auxiliary Battery Expansion Port

The Dualtron II now features an additional charging terminal for faster charging. A quick charging kit lets you fully recharge in only 3 hours. The built in battery can comfortably hold enough power for long distance trips, but with an auxiliary battery port, your eScooter mileage can be increased by adding on an External Battery Expansion pack. Ask about our Ranger Battery Expansion Pack at our service centers.

Main On/Off Switch & Auxiliary Battery Selection

A main on/off switch under the deck controls toggles between the main and auxiliary battery when an external battery expansion pack is plugged in.

Dual Brake Action from Physical and Integrated Electrical Motor Braking

Dualtron2 is fitted with integrated electric motor braking as well as 2 mechanical disk brakes, this system assists the rider when braking on slippery or sandy surfaces and prevents the mechanical brakes from locking. To increase safety, faster reaction time and braking efficiency during sudden stops, the Dualtron II combines high physical braking force with electrical cut off when brakes are applied. Electric brake can be enabled and level adjusted from throttle settings.

Auto Recovery Charging for Electrical Brake

When activated, the electric brake can generate a charge of up to maximum 15A which is fed back to the battery using the auto recovery charging function. This helps to conserve energy from your battery.

Front and Rear High Density , High Impact PU Integrated Suspension System

One of the hallmarks of Dualtron Escooters, Dualtron II’s front and rear high density, high impact PU integrated suspension system with forged alloy swing arms and large ground clearance provides stable, comfortable and safe riding on and off road. (Patented)

LED Light System

The built-in Rear LED light reduces the risk of accidents while riding at night.

Deck Light Switch

Dualtron II is equipped with an on deck light switch to turn on and off the headlight and taillights.

LCD Smart Throttle Display

With more settings available, the smart throttle calls up to 10 active mode settings and provides more accurate speed and riding information.

High Strength Two Touch Folding Mechanism

The Dualtron II’s sturdy two touch folding system combines a tough steering stem receptacle with a robust lock, built to withstand shocks on uneven road surfaces. This allows you to navigate on all road conditions safely with a peace of mind. When done with your trip, the handle frame can be unlocked and folded down easily to the board, ready for storage or transportation.

Rugged Wide Deck with for Extra Stability

Improving on the previous design, Dualtron II’s wide sturdy deck is 6cm longer and ensures a more flexible and comfortable riding stance and stable foothold with its high grip surface finishing. Model Initials are engraved on the deck for easier identification.

Motocross Style Handlebars

Ready for action, the ergonomic handle grip of the Dualtron II are made of non-slip natural rubber which offers a firm, comfortable grip. The material is tough and does not tear easily.

Rear Wheel Mud Guard

A long rear fender mud guard helps to keep the mud and dirt away when you are riding on wet surfaces.

Dualtron 2 Limited (NOT FOR SALE IN SINGAPORE)
Dualtron 2 Limited (NOT FOR SALE IN SINGAPORE)