Da Bomb BonBons Lock-On Handlebar Grips

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The DA Bomb BonBons Lock-On 2.0 Handlebar Grips have been designed for a variety of riding styles and perform as good in the wet conditions as well as dry. Made from an extremely hard Wearing/Durable yet comfortable rubber compound. When you wrap your fingers around the grips they immediately fall into place within the grid of your palms for that secure bond between yourself and your bike.

The BonBons Lock-On Handlebar Grips have a unique slip-free design that is very comfortable on your palms when riding for long distances or on rough roads. Fitted with double lock-on clamps to secure the grips firmly to the handlebars. (Clamps and black end caps are included.) Available in two color options either Black with two gold locking or Red with two black locking.

- A lock on grip with a soft slip free surface and 3/4 flanges will add confidence and comfort to every ride.
- Alloy Lock-on Clamp
- Rubber compound slip-free pattern knobs
- Length: 135mm
- Weight: 115g
- Colors: Black (+ orange lock rings), Red (+black lock rings)

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