Cylion Waterbased Agent

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Cylion Bicycle Chain Cleaning Agent 300ML

Cylion chain cleaning agent uses an international standard advanced formula that is phosphate-free and non-polluting. Just a small amount can wash off stubborn grease with 10 times the cleaning power compared to traditional cleaning liquids.

Cylion chain cleaning agent contains special imported eco-friendly raw materials which enable it to clean while preserving chain lubrication. Experiments have shown its fast cleaning action and effective chain protection.


  1. Adopting advanced German technology for precious metal cleaning, the principle of emulsification
       has no adverse reaction to any car paint.
  2. Applicable to bicycle chain/gear/transmission/internal line, etc.
  3. PH value ≈ 7 Neutral does not hurt your hand.
  4. No phosphorus, no pollution, only need a small amount to wash off stubborn grease,
      the decontamination effect is ten times that of traditional cleaners.


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