CST 10X2.5 inch Outer Tyre Electric Scooter e-scooter / Kenda CST VMART

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CST Brand

Suitable for all 10inch wheel scooter model.

Recommended PSI: 38 to 40

Width: 2.5inch

Speedway3 / Speedway2 / Dualtron

10inch x 2.5 inch (2.5 x 10)

New 4PR 10inch Outer Tires.
(Pneumatic tires for front and rear)

(4PR means "4 Ply Rated” Back when tires were first being made, the amount of weight a tire could carry was measured by the number of plys in the tire. As technology and construction methods improved, manufacturers were able to built tires that could carry the same amount of weight, but with less material. So when you read 4 ply rated, you're not reading the number of plys, you're reading a goofy way of describing its weight carrying ability.)

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