A5 Suspension RE/ A5 Suspension RRE

A5 Suspension RE/ A5 Suspension RRE

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A5 Suspension / Air Suspension / Futecher Suspension / Speedway 4 Suspension

The A5-RE offers the same construction and main spring adjustment as the A5-RR1 but eliminates the air top out chamber and valve for a simple, ultra reliable and impossibly light rear shock platform.
  • Spring Type: AIR
  • Damping: FRICTION
  • Material: CNC ALLOY
  • 125mm length, Single valve model Re model, For Dual value RR1
  • Able to pump to the desire psi you want for the tension you prefer.
  • Highly recommended for Speedway 4 futecher/ Darknight / Ultron - The A5-RE offers excellent tunability without sacrificing weight

What's the difference between RE and RR1 ?

- RE is single valve 

- RR1 is dual valve

Installation available 

**Price is for a single suspension**

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