67.2v Charger (Safety mark)

67.2v Charger (Safety mark)

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67.2V Charger for 60V battery 

Protection Function:
1.The power supply will be auto recovered when short circuit faults remove.
2. Over current Protection:The power supply will be auto recovered when over current faults remove.
2.1. Over Voltage Protection The output shall be protected to latch off at over-voltage condition, maximum value can’t be over 72V. That might be return to normal state by AC reset .
The reset time must less than 2min
2.2. Short Circuit protection Output can be shorted without damage. The adapter shall be auto-recovery. (It will enter into normal condition when the fault condition is removed.)
3. Battery polarity Reverse polarity protection When the battery polarity is reversed, the charger automatically cut off the output, the output voltage is 0. 
When troubleshooting, the normal polarity connection, the charger will resume normal operation.

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