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Ninebot Mini Side Stand
Replacement part Ninebot Mini Side Stand    Features:  Aluminum alloy material with nickel plating, anti-rust. Fitting for ninebot Mini and Mini Pro. Easy installation with 4 screws without need to detach any parts of the scooter. Enough space after putting...
$19.90 $16.00
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Ninebot Segway ES2 E-scooter UL2272 Certified + LTA Approved (Kickscooter)
Compact, lightweight and foldable. The NINEBOT ES2 e-scooter is the top choice for daily commuting with public transport.Special Features:• Lock your vehicle with anti-theft function.• Optional to install 2nd Battery which will maximize the range to 45km• LED Front and...
$799.00 $599.00
  • Black
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Segway Charger (Safety Mark)
All our charger comes with safety mark
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Segway Drift W1
The Segway Drift W1 e-Skates are lightweight, portable and extremely unique. Designed for maximum comfort and fun the Drift W1 is the perfect product to usher in a new type of personal transportation. SEGWAY DRIFT W1 Ul2722 Max Speed: 12km/hr...
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Segway MiniPRO Self-Balancing Hoverboard
The ninebot minipro weighs just 12.8 kg and amazingly reach the speed of 18 km/h in less than a minute.Four times faster than walking and as stable as standing – even when climbing a 15˚ slope or crossing a small...
$999.00 $599.00
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Ninebot Saddle for Ninebot Nine KickScooter ES1/ES2 Smart Electric Scooter Foldable Lightweight Long Board Hoverboard Skateboard Make your Segway ES2 even more comfortable with a removable seat. This original Segway seat is mounted easily with 4 screws. It has internal...
$79.90 $45.00
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★LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED★ Segway MiniLite Self-Balancing Hoverboard UL2272 CERTIFIED
The miniLITE is lightweight, self-balancing personal transportation designed specifically for younger riders. Kids 6 years old and up can master this unique ride.   PRECISION & PERFORMANCE Like its predecessor, the miniPRO, the miniLITE allows for precise and smooth maneuvering...
$779.00 $599.00
  • White
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★LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED★Segway Premium Partner★ Segway Ninebot MAX Escooter UL2272 Certified and LTA Compliant
Instocks Ninebot Segway MAX CERTIFIED  UL2272 Motor: 36V 350W Max Speed: 25 km/h Battery: 36V 15AH Range: 55-65 km Weight: 19 kg Foldable: Yes Max Comfort: Smooth and Safe Journey Riding on rough roads can be challenging for electric scooter users....
$1,199.00 $599.00
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