MaximalSG PMD-F-07 UL2272 Certified 14" Seated Electric Scooter LTA Compliant/FIIDO/DYU/TEMPO

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This model is a Singapore brand and designed in Singapore.
It's UL2272 Certificated and fully compliant with LTA requirement with 2 seats:
1. Weight, below 20 kg
2. Width, below 70 cm
3. Speed, below 25 km/h

Main Features:
- Fully compliant to LTA requirement with 2 seats, big size, very comfortable for 1 adult with 2 kids
- Can go as far as 40km per fully charging
- Speed control: One-click on the button "M"to change the gear to meet new LTA regulation,
M1: 0~10KM/h
M2: 0~15KM/h
M3: 0~25KM/h
- Bright front LED
- Rear LED light
- Big and wide 14" premium tyre, very stable
- Premium bearing, can taxing to an incredible long distance after you stop power
- New generation geared motor, can generate bigger torque with more power-efficient
- Premium Suspension
- All chargers with Safety Mark

Motor: 48v Geared Motor 240W
Battery: 48V 7.5Ah ~40km
Brake System: Front disk brake, Rear drum brake
Dimensions: 1430mm x 1000mm x 620mm
Tyre: 14inch Pneumatic
Maximum Load:140Kg
Charging Time:5 hours
Lights: Front and rear lights
Standard: LTA Standard, Spring Singapore (Safety Mark) and UL2272

What is the latest LTA requirement for e-scooters?
Only UL2272 certified e-scooters will be allowed on public paths by 1st January 2021. That being said, if your current e-scooter is non-UL2272 certified, you will only be able to use your e-scooter until 31st December 2020.

What is UL2272 certification?
This is a U.S. certification that is given to electrical mobility devices that have undergone thorough safety tests and have been found to meet all the safety standards. These devices are tested based on several components like the electrical and mechanical factor for safety, and even the impact of environmental factors, such as exposure to water and extreme cold or hot temperatures.

Why is UL2272 certification important?
The LTA made this move in order to tackle the increasing case of fires that are being caused by defective devices. These defective e-scooters are either being sold online by untrusted sellers, have undergone modification which is illegal, or simply not adhere to safety certification stipulations as required by The Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING Singapore). The new fire safety standards will, therefore, prevent these illegal and unethical practices by sellers and retailers and, consequently, protect the end-user.

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