Rules for Active Mobility device riders

Rules for Active Mobility device riders

All riders of Active Mobility devices such as bicycles, Power-Assisted Bicycles (PABs), Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs), Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs) must adhere to these rules under the Active Mobility Act:

  1. No using of mobile communication devices while riding
  2. Stop and look out for traffic before riding across the road
  3. Dismount and push your device when you see a “No Riding” sign (except PMA users)
  4. Switch on your front white and rear red light when riding in the dark
  5. Stop, offer help, exchange particulars, and make a police report if you are involved in an accident


Guidelines for AM device riders and pedestrians

Being gracious and looking out for others, yourself and your device keeps everyone safe on paths. All path users should always give way to more vulnerable users, and follow these guidelines.

All AM device (bicycles, PABs, PMDs, PMAs) riders should:

  1. Always give way to pedestrians
  2. Watch your speed and go slow around others
  3. Slow down when approaching bus stops and/or intersections of public paths
  4. Walk your device in crowded areas
  5. Gently alert others before overtaking
  6. Keep left on paths unless overtaking
  7. Ride on cycling paths and bicycle crossings when available
  8. Keep a safe distance from other path users, especially when overtaking to avoid a collision
  9. Avoid shining your lights onto the face of other path users
  10. Check that your lights, brakes and tyres are in good working condition before setting off
  11. Check the height of your handlebars and seat on the bicycle to ensure that you have full control of the device when coming to a sudden stop in an emergency
  12. Keep both hands on the handlebars. Signal your intention to change course or make a turn ahead of time
  13. Park your devices at designated parking places such as bicycle racks and yellow boxes. Be sure to securely lock your devices (PDF, 388kB) to prevent it from being stolen
  14. For shared bicycles: park your shared bicycle only in designated parking zones, which can be located using your bicycle sharing application. Look out for the QR code located near the parking area and scan it to end your trip. You may be banned from using shared bicycles if you fail to end trip at designated parking zones. For more details, read this parking guide (PDF, 255kB)
Designated bicycle parking spaces

Pedestrians should:

  1. Keep left unless overtaking
  2. Keep to footpaths and pedestrian crossings
  3. Stay alert when on public paths. Refrain from using mobile communication devices (including listening to music) in a manner that will  prevent you from detecting danger or oncoming obstacles

Read the full code of conduct for public path users (PDF, 93kB) under the Active Mobility Act.